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Topic: What to buy? Expert-help needed!

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    What to buy? Expert-help needed!

    I just recently bought Echo Layla3G. The sound card has 2 mic pre-amps with fairly good sound-quality I must say. However, I was wondering if I should buy a compressor as I'm going to record vocals, guitar and bass. The sound cards has insert sends so there should be no problem using a compressor as an insert effect. I was thinking about the FMR "Really Nice Compressor". Maybe someone here knows anything about it...?

    My microphone is a Shure SM57... I will be using it for vocals and guitars. I also have a large diagram condencer mic; Behringer B1, but I don't like the cheap sound of it so I'm not going to use it either... Plus, since I do not have a vocal booth in my humble homestudio, a high quality condencer microphone would pick up too much noise from the surroundings, I believe...?

    So now I also wonder if I could do with the pre-amps in my Layla3G or if I should buy an external mic pre-amp, such as FMR "Really Nice Mic-Pre"?

    If, however, I should buy a large diagram condencer mic, which one would you recommend?

    I'm going to record two albums the forthcoming summer, so I need to get the best sound I can, without having to buy too much new gear... This is an oxymoron, I know...


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    Re: What to buy? Expert-help needed!

    I own an outboard compressor. It was really necessary when recording to 16-bits. Now that I record to 24-bits, I generally don't use it. I just keep the levels low enough not to clip and compress in post. Keeping the original recording as natural as possible gives you the most freedom during the mix.


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    Re: What to buy? Expert-help needed!

    I've got the same Echo 3G and I think it sounds pretty darn good ..The pre's and convertor's are not bad at all ....Jon is right when running 24 bit .....I would also look into whatever compressor is in the DAW that you will be using ..You really don't need any heavy compressing unless you have a a singer that eat's the mic .... Take the money that you want to spend, and get a good mic ...LOT'S of choices there ....Audition a few mic's till you find what suits you ....A good mic will add a lot to a good recording ....Jim

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