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Topic: Frank Klepacki does Starwars Empire at War!!!

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    Frank Klepacki does Starwars Empire at War!!!

    For any of you that remember the command and conquer series, you might remember some of franks work along with the emphamous "Hell March".. Ofcourse, he has done various other game music like dune etc, but nothing has hit him right in the career like this job... I just played the demo and the music and sound effects were awesome!! I think frank is really liking the software sample world... He sent me this email...

    "Hi there!

    yes we're excited for EAW to hit the stores next
    week! Was an honor to work on. I mainly used the EWQLSO mixed and matched
    with other various instrument libraries. Just mainly trying to match the
    Williams sound as close as possible with specific tones and settings.

    Other than that, things are great and just string work on my next solo

    Frank Klepacki

    Franks actually a member of NSS, but i've never seen him post, and i never asked him why... But he describes this job as the highpoint of his career, especially because Starwars is his favorite series... I've always have been impressed with his work and he just keeps getting better.. He also recently did a remix of "Only" from NIN that simply rocks! Here's a link to a little interview from gamespot...

    Congratualtions Frank!!!

    And the reason for MY absence is because I needed to take a HUGE break from the music scene, and let the fresh ideas swell up in my noggin, and to get over the passing of my brother and father.. I expect the next level out of myself this coming year... And just hearing of franks success and results is inspiring and has refueled my desire.... Steelhed

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    Re: Frank Klepacki does Starwars Empire at War!!!

    That's great news - I was a big fan of the C&C series and of Frank's work - especially the Red Alert soundtrack. I've got the Star Wars game on order, so I can't wait to play and more importantly hear all of the Star Wars/Klepacki goodness.

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