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Topic: Please help MP3s on this site !

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    Talking Please help MP3s on this site !

    Can someone please tell me how can I put my MP3s on the listening room?
    Do I need a special software or is it simply easy?? Many thanx

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    Re: Please help MP3s on this site !

    Hello Fongi,

    No, you do not need special software.

    But first, you need somewhere to "host" the mp3 file.

    This can be your own website if you have one.

    If not, there are service websites that will do this for you.

    I do not use these service sites, so I do not know much about them -- but one that I see used and recommended in the forum is www.SoundClick.com

    I'm sure other members can fill you in more on other such sites.


    Then, in your post, Fongi, you just put a link either to the mp3 file or the place where it is hosted so we can listen.

    Hope that helps!



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