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Topic: GPO Second Edition question

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    GPO Second Edition question

    I have a friend who owns GPO First Edition and he asked me what changed in the Second Edition, and does he need to upgrade.

    I know that the second edition lacks the Overture and Cubase programs, and comes on DVD rather than CD. But what was added or refined? Were there errors in the first edition that were corrected in the second? Are there new instruments, etc.?


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    Re: GPO Second Edition question

    The newest edition incorporates all the updates made to the library over the past couple of years. The various new patches, fixes and enhancements to the player.

    Overture and Cubasis are no longer included. We may provide alternative programs in the future.

    In light of this we reduced the price of the newest edition. The MSRP is now $199 down from $249.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Gary Garritan

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