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Topic: Muse Research's Receptor and JABB

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    Question Muse Research's Receptor and JABB

    I'm seriously looking into purchasing Muse Research's Receptor. I've been "researching" the Receptor and found out that it now has a beta version of Uniwire. This seems to promise to make the Receptor a bit more "fused" with my main computer. Even without Uniwire, Receptor seems to be a good product. It's also an expensive product. For nearly the same amount of money, I can purchase a new computer and network it to my main one. But the Receptor seems to be more portable (and durable) which interests me for live gigs (which I really don't do much. . . . . . . . . but it's always cool to have the such tools available if/when the need presents itself).

    I visited the museresearch.com web site and noted that there's a cross-grade for GPO. I didn't see JABB listed, unfortunately.

    First off. . . anyone using the Receptor? If so, how are you liking it?? Secondly, any plans to have a JABB cross-grade available for the Receptor if none exists (which seems to be the case)??

    I'm working on a composition, at present, using two full instances of JABB, one full instance of GPO and one using the Halion 2. This makes for a total of 36 tracks! This is not bad, I'm happy to say!! But my computer does spit and sputter a bit during one point of the piece when a lot of the instruments from all three VST plug-ins are being "played". (Of course if I "freeze" the instruments, the spit and sputtering goes away. But I'm not finished sequencing the project, so it a bit too early to freeze the tracks.) I'm thinking that if I had the Receptor, I can free up at least 16 tracks on the main computer by allowing the Receptor to "share the burden".

    I noticed that there is a cross-grade for Kontakt 2. This could be a reasonable work-a-round if there is not cross-grade for JABB at this time. But if there IS a cross-grade for JABB, that would be great!!

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    Re: Muse Research's Receptor and JABB


    I sent a copy of JABB to Muse REsearch and they were going to test it with Receptor. If GPO woroks then I imaging JABB would also. But better to be sure. I'll let youy know when I hear from Muse Research.


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    Re: Muse Research's Receptor and JABB

    Thank you, Gary!

    Thank you for the really quick reply!

    I am leaning towards purchasing the Receptor.


    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Arrow Re: Muse Research's Receptor and JABB

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I have also been really considering buying the Muse Recepter for the same reasons. In my case, I am running Sonar 5 and GS3 on one hefty computer. My options are buying another Giga computer to take half of my orchestra or buy the Receptor and runnin VST's along with Giga. Do you have an opinion on this? I appreciate the feedback.

    Brent in CT

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