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Topic: Disco JABB! "Dance Like an Animal"

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    Disco JABB! "Dance Like an Animal"

    Here's a rough mix of a song from my upcoming CD - Dance Like an Animal

    I'm still working on it a little, but I'd say that most of the JABB-related parts are finished, so you can check it out. This uses all five of the trumpets together, as well as the Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax 1, Tuba, Piccolo, Bass Trombone and the Trumpet Plunger Mute. I'm still waiting for Tom's tutorial to get a better idea of how to use the plunger, so I ended up running this through an auto-wah, which is okay for now...

    Anyway, put on your polyester suits and your platform shoes and get ready to dance like an animal!
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    Re: Disco JABB! "Dance Like an Animal"

    Having dusted off my polyester night-clubbing duds and my Cuban heel boots -- and my glitter shades, of course -- I can conclusively give this...


    Really good job on this!


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    Re: Disco JABB! "Dance Like an Animal"

    What fun!

    Getting out the disco ball!

    It's time to Get Down and boogie all night long - like an animal

    Thanks Shaz, this is fantastic!

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    Re: Disco JABB! "Dance Like an Animal"

    Great use of JABB! I enjoyed your song... I especially liked your use of animal sounds...

    Personally I prefer to dance like a sloth...
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    Thumbs up Re: Disco JABB! "Dance Like an Animal"

    Erik, awesome buddy! I envy you ... Love the animal sounds. Everything sounds great!

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