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Topic: RMX with Mackie/Logic Control

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    RMX with Mackie/Logic Control

    Hi all,
    We are using Stylus RMX 1.5 in Logic. Our problem is this: We have a multi instrument plugged into the Audio instrument where stylus is.

    When we use the faders on the control surface to control volume, the main volume for the audio instrument itself follows it. We just want to automate one of the 8 midi channels. Note that when we assign midi learn and move the faders, it doesn't 'learn' the logic faders, however it does 'learn' when we use the mod wheel.

    We have tried changing the midi channel on the audio instrument to a channel not used by the multi instrument, but this doesn't work either.

    Any ideas anyone?
    Gratefully received,

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    Re: RMX with Mackie/Logic Control

    Logic always uses MIDI CC#7 for it's audio instrument channels in the Logic audio mixer.

    Use other MIDI messages and you'll be fine.

    Make SURE to watch the "Setting Up a Hardware Controller" video tutorial which you can download from the community page:


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