No matter what the sample collection, I get a pumping whoosh sound at the higher pitches as you go up the keyboard. It is noticeable around c3 and as you go up to the highest pitch notes it gets more and more noticeable.

At first I thought this was a problem with the sample colletion, but now I hear it in almost anything that uses the higher pitch notes. For example, EWQLSO Silver has it in all string and cello related samples at the higher pitches, KHSO Emerald has it specifically in string-type sounds, as does VSL strings.

I am going to start listening to all samples and see if I hear this strange and very annoying sound - again - in the higher notes and octaves of the keyboard.

This DOES NOT happen in other programs, just Kontakt 2. I loaded KHSO Emerald samples (a few of them) into a wave editing app and those annoying sounds were not present. I checked out the higher pitches notes and could not hear it, so I really believe it has to do with Kontakt 2.