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Topic: My first GPO Demo.

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    My first GPO Demo.

    I´m new here. A great Forum! I finished just my first GPO Demo. I´m not really satisfied with the result. But I hope that my next project become better.
    here is the Link

    Suggestions very welcome!

    Best Wishes
    P.s. sorry for my bad english!

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    Thumbs up Great Sven!!

    I think that your demo sounds really good!!!
    Wow you don't have to worry if your first demo with GPO sounds in this way, I can only imagine how will be the next!!
    In addition the sound is absolutely cinematic!!
    It seems to me to hear Elman's stuff!!!

    Your orchestration is absolutely good!!

    Looking forward to hear more of your works,

    P.S. IMHO I think that there is a little bit to much reverb, but maybe this is dependeing on my taste so it doesn't matter the piece is great as it is!!

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    Re: My first GPO Demo.

    Welcome, Arpeggiator!

    This is an excellent introduction of your music to the forum, Sven... well written, well orchestrated, well executed, and well rendered... first-rate work.

    A very effective, interesting composition; it succeeds superlatively at creating a sense of great wonder and vast spaces.

    I look forward to much, much more from you, Sven!

    My best,


    Post Scriptum:
    I think I would agree with Roberto; a little less reverb might improve clarity.

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    Re: My first GPO Demo.

    Not satisfied?? You've got to be joking! This is great stuff man! Be proud of your work! I'm definately looking forward to more compositions of yours. Excellent job.

    ♪♪♪♪ CâTå ♪♪♪♪

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    Senior Member squoze's Avatar
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    Re: My first GPO Demo.

    Nice job. Quite a superb demo, indeed!
    Please tell us more about yourself, Sven.
    I have no suggestions, except the ending--it came too early.

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    Re: My first GPO Demo.

    Excellent first GPO piece. You have command of composition and orchestration skills.

    The reverb all are mentioning is something you can play with in GPO. The 2 sliders marked Wet and Dry should be moved to obtain a good ambience. A good starting point is to set Dry at about -2 Db and Wet at about -5 Db, then go from there.

    Reverb is a minor point of contention and really revolves around what sounds good to you (the composer/arranger/orchestrator)! The music i hear in this waltz stands up well no matter what the reverb is (well other than an echo canyon...canyon...anyon...nyon...yon...on )

    BRAVO and more ... Please?
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
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    Re: My first GPO Demo.

    A masterful work. Your manipulation of GPO is impressive. Please teach me how you do it !!!
    (The Nut )


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    Re: My first GPO Demo.

    nice work!

    very epic in scope!... has that film-esque sound, full of ambiance.. A mix of "Harry Potter" and "Nightmare before Christmas"

    great melody!.. listened to it several times.

    excellent work Sven!

    looking forward to hearing more


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    Re: My first GPO Demo.

    Great work Sven,
    even if it is your first project with GPO.
    Welcome aboard!


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    Re: My first GPO Demo.

    Welcome to the forum. This is excellent work in every aspect. You'll find that reverb is a topic that is discussed endlessly here. I normally like a dryer sound than you have here but given the cinematic nature of your piece I think that it works. You are the final judge. Great first piece.
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