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Topic: Import session data?

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    Question Import session data?

    In protools, there is a feature that allows you to import data from a different file... if you like a particular routing or plugin or whatever, you can "import it".

    There are many times in GS3 where I will remember that I used a particular instruments or stack or routing on another song, and I'd love to bring it into my current performance.

    Is there a trick to accomplish this?

    If I remembered the exact files that I used in the other song, I wouldn't need this function - but in cases where I remember, "in song XYZ, I used a great patch -- but I don't remember what it was..." - it would be useful to import into the currently loaded performance.

    If this is a RTFM concept, thanks for pointing me toward a solution.



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    Re: Import session data?

    Save the stack you like as a .gsi. That's a special kind of performance file that's treated like an instrument.

    - G

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    Re: Import session data?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gamera
    Save the stack you like as a .gsi.
    Yes, I do that... but what if I don't remember what I used on a particular song?

    The great thing about the Protools "import session data" feature, if that you can "see inside" the session file, and see what exactly you did in a different song, then suck only the elements out of the file that you want. It changes how you work - when you can use previous work as a resource and not have to re-invent the wheel.

    This is very different than templates, since there are so many choices, you can have MANY templates -- basically, every song you've every done becomes a template and you can suck the data from older files...

    My workaround in GS3 is to close the performance, open the reference perf, save the stack or make note of what was used, then go back and reload... but on a large performance, that's a waste of time, isn't it?

    Every day I recognize how great the protools interface is... and how much more productive/creative I am because of the tools it provides.

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