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Topic: Personal Orchestral Vs Solo Stradivari Vs kontakt

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    Personal Orchestral Vs Solo Stradivari Vs kontakt

    Hi. my name is Kit, this is my first post here.
    i've just bought the Kontakt 2.0 last week. And now i am looking for some good sounding Orchestral sample library. Finally, i think garritan is worth for this quality. But then I got some question about the libraries.

    i am interested in the Personal Orchestral and Solo Stradivari.
    I guess i am sure that i will buy the personal Orchestral. however, i am not quite sure if i should buy the solo stradivari as well.

    On the personal orchestra...can it do solo violin as well as the solo stradivari do? what is the main difference? compare the string sounding with both, what is the different?

    should i get the solo stradivari ?????
    by the way, compare the VSL samples come with the kontakt 2.0 to the GPO.....is GPO still better?

    Your comments are highly appreciated.
    thanks in advance. ///Kit


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    Re: Personal Orchestral Vs Solo Stradivari Vs kontakt

    GPO rocks, first off.
    The solo violins in GPO are nothing compared to the Strad. They have a fixed vibrato, none of those nice controles like bow noise and stuff like that like the Strad does. If you're looking to write for solo violin, the Strad is definenitly the choice. However, for enseamble building the GPO violins will do it well. But the Strad is WWWAAAAAYYYY more advanced than the GPO violins.

    Hope this helps,

    Oh! And welcome to the forum!

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    Re: Personal Orchestral Vs Solo Stradivari Vs kontakt


    Why don't you get GPO, work with it for a while and see if it fits your needs - you can always add the Strad later on. They are both great - but only if you need the two.

    As for comparingGPO to other libraries, remember to factor in the price and ease of use. I don't know what VSL is going for these days, but my guess (and it is a guess) is that it is considerably more than GPO. For value, it's hard to beat GPO.

    Good luck.

    R. Pearl

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    Re: Personal Orchestral Vs Solo Stradivari Vs kontakt

    Warning... once you get one Garritan product, you're going to want them all!

    The Strad is much more convincing than the solo samples within GPO for exposed parts. The amount of control over every nuance is miles ahead of anything else I'm aware of. The GPO violin also sounds great; there is not nearly the depth of performance parameters of the Strad, but the samples themselves are beautiful. I think the demos of each of these products speak for themselves.

    It probably makes sense to pick up GPO first, and take a little time cutting your teeth on it. The pick up the Strad when you feel ready to extend the sound.
    - Jamie Kowalski

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    Re: thanks so much

    but the way, do u guys know about how the VSL samples which come with the kontakt sound like? are those VSL just the basic thing? what i want is not everything fixed. on the other hand i know the more expensive the better. however, i want to find out the best quality from all the low-ends.
    if u have both kontakt 2.0 and Garritan person orchestral and Star.......then let me know please....i would like to know what carritan has more than the vsl samples from the kontakt 2.0



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    Re: Personal Orchestral Vs Solo Stradivari Vs kontakt

    Well, I'm not familiar with the VSL samples, but the main selling points of GPO are the value, ease of use, and the incredible sound you get with such ease of use and value. The VSL sounds absolutely fantastic, but It's really expensive and I'm not really sure how easy to use it is so I cannot comment there.
    The VSL content that comes with Kontakt is probably ment to be a teaser that makes you want to buy the real thing, so it's probably missing some things. But GPO is the whole deal. You get everything.

    So I recomend GPO. It's really a fantastic tool.


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    i made decision!!

    thanks !!
    i can't wait to buy the garritan personal prchestral now!!!
    i am going to buy it right NoW!!!!


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    Re: i made decision!!

    Quote Originally Posted by saikittang
    thanks !!
    i can't wait to buy the garritan personal prchestral now!!!
    i am going to buy it right NoW!!!!

    I have the impression that maybe money is not a primary consideration for you.Nevertheless I point out that GPO does not need Kontakt 2, it has its own Kontakt player. So for just $200 (or $250?) you get a whole orchestra...more than enough to start out. Maybe you want to trade in your K2 if you can and buy it later when you have a better idea of what you need!


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