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Topic: Key change in Cubase?

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    Key change in Cubase?

    Hi all,
    Are there any Cubase users out there who know a quick way to change the key of an entire piece within Cubase SE (other than highlighting each instrument's notes and shifting them with the select tool)?

    Many thanks
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    Re: Key change in Cubase?

    Well in Cubase VST you can select a load of midi sequence parts, (in the arranger window by left clicking and dragging the selection box over them), then right click to get the toolbox, and you will see a quaver with an up and down arrow. Use this to shift all the selected parts up and down. I'm sorry I've no idea if Cubase SE has this but it might help you to find what you are looking for if no-one has a direct answer.

    Also on Cubase VST, there is a Transpose control in the 'Inspector' which can be used to transpose specific tracks (without shifting notes around).

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