I have GS3 on a separate computer connected to my DAW through a WaveCenter PCI which communicates with a MOTU PCI424 on my main DAW running Sonar 5 PE.
Lately, I've noticed that I can't load an entire .gig file of VSL sounds and scroll through the sounds in Sonar. I know that the first sound in every VSL file is "Basic Instruments" which makes no sound. However, one should be able to scroll through the patches in Sonar and hear them. Unfortunately, in many cases, scrolling through the patches in Sonar will not cause the patch name in GS3's Port 1, Channel 1 to move. It will move in certain other cases. Sometimes, if I detach "Basic Instruments" and reload it, it will work then. Or, GS will allow me to scroll through the sounds using Sonar but they will play on Channnel 2 instead of channel 1. I'm confused.