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Topic: How would KHs Emerald complement Opus1?

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    How would KHs Emerald complement Opus1?

    Hi, I`m planning buying VSL Opus1. Since I have the money, I was thinking what if I bought Kirk Hunters Emerald too?

    I´m wondering if that would be a good idea or just overkill. In what way could Emerald complement VSL Opus1? Opus1 doesnt have solo strings, that´s one thing I know.

    Anyone has experience in mixing instruments from those two? Sorry if this has been discussed alot already.

    Have a nice day,

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    Re: How would KHs Emerald complement Opus1?

    I have posted one of my compositions here before. 2nd flute, 2nd oboe, clarinets, bassoons, ALL strings, ALL brass are from KHSO Emerald, while piccolo, 1st flute, 1st oboe, harp and some of the percussions are Opus 1.

    To me they complement each other quite well, not in the sense that they sonically blend well (actually it will take some time coz VSL is fairly dry while KHSO is recorded wet), but one library is more intimate sounding and great for solo expressive lines especially wind and brass (Opus 1). While KHSO is big and rich, capable to give you a full tutti sound with just a few patches.

    Gotta stop here or it would become those A vs B threads again!

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