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Topic: Any motherboards w/ASIO drivers?

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    Any motherboards w/ASIO drivers?

    I might have asked this before ...

    Just wondering if any of the motherboards with on-board wound include ASIO drivers.


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    Re: Any motherboards w/ASIO drivers?

    I haven't seen any, but I commonly recommend ASIO4ALL in this scenario (and it hasn't let any of my users down yet.)

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    Re: Any motherboards w/ASIO drivers?

    I second ASIO4ALL. I use those drivers on my laptop when I don't want to bring my firewire box with me.

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    Re: Any motherboards w/ASIO drivers?

    Thanks, I was wondering if that was the route to go.

    How is the latency? I assumed that since ASIO4ALL ultimately hooks into the WDM drivers there would be an increase.

    The discussion of Muse brought this up. My thinking is that now that I've some experience with stabilizing the software a basic motherboard with two drives and a 1U/2U power supply all slapped on a 19" rack pan would do the same thing.


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