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Topic: Look for Soundcell 3 for most sampler players

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    Look for Soundcell 3 for most sampler players

    Soundcell is a fantastic series of sample sets for Wusik and other vsti synths.

    His new Soundcell 3 sounds AMAZING and is worth every penny (and inexpensive too!!!)

    And now in soundfont format as well so it will work with almost everything.

    Check out his new website and amazing sample sets:


    I am in no way affiliated with his company and make no money from this plug - it's just a great effort (from VERY talented people).

    He got a huge number of top sound preset designers to come on board and create a wealth of presets for this sample set collection!!!

    At $45 it's just so darn affordable for this much great quality work!


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    Re: Look for Soundcell 3 for most sampler players

    Hey guys,

    My name is Jeremy Janzen and I am the developer of SoundCell THREE. If you have any questions about this product, please ask them. Also, I recommend listening to the Virtual Tour.

    And finally, even if you aren't interested in this product, check out our Freebie section for hundreds of MB of free samples in SF2/SFZ/Wusikstation format!


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    Re: Look for Soundcell 3 for most sampler players

    I want to show off an awesome new demo track for SC3:

    Abandoned Future by blaster78

    Even if it didn't showcase my product I'd be listening to it! Comments? Cheers,


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    Re: Look for Soundcell 3 for most sampler players

    A nice sale this week:

    Complete your SoundCell collection Sale!

    Until Feb 25th, 12am CST you can buy SoundCell THREE for Wusikstation and receive SoundCell ONE at no extra cost! Thats nearly 200mb of professionally programmed Wusikstation sounds for free - as well as a $12 value!

    To take advantage of this offer, just order SC3 and SC1 will be automatically sent along with your order.
    Also this sale is applicable to the Soundfont versions - so buy SC3 Soundfont and receive SC1 Soundfont at no extra charge!

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