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Topic: Here is another one

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    Here is another one

    Hello, first off all I would like to thank all the reviewers of my first take, and I hope this is not because of the "newbyness" of myself ;-)

    Here is another take I made today, I hope you enjoy it:



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    Re: Here is another one

    Your what...lol? Newbyness? Nah. We'll beat ya up, regardless... lol.

    Woody, you've got a heck of knack already with this... a lot of power and drive in the writing... great brass effect under this, and you blessedly (thank you) have no fear whatever of some good, healthy disonance and strife.

    Couple of thoughts...

    Check this on headphones. Just a couple of spots, you might be a tad wide.

    The transition ~1:25 is quite a drop... maybe give that another look?

    Great stuff, Woody! Hot!

    Keep it coming.



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    Re: Here is another one

    Again, you prove you are new. You are obviously a master of compostion and orchestration. This GPO medium fits you well. Great listen in both these pieces. Thanks!
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    Re: Here is another one

    Nice work, I enjoyed it! I notice the drop at 1:25 too... seems a bit too sudden for me... perhaps keep some rhythm going in the percussion? Nice orchestration!
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    Re: Here is another one


    thank you for the kind reviews. Yes you are right the end is a bit suddenly. But the reason is, that I want to make a collection of different themes (both orchestral and elctronic), so that I can send this to various kind of producers (computer-games, businessfilm agency, film-academy for studying) with the hope that I may make some tracks for them. And therefore I only give impressions, of what is possible.


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