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Topic: Sampler Drive attached through PCI slot?

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    Sampler Drive attached through PCI slot?

    I've got GS on it's own computer with (1) drive for Windows/programs and two 80 gig drives for sample streaming. Right now, the 2 sample drives (one ATA100 and one ATA133) are chained together as master and slave on the second IDE bus. Now, I have a spare 133 PCI card adapter I can put into the computer. Would it benefit me to move the ATA133 drive off the second IDE bus and onto the PCI Card? Or would that hinder performance?

    Mahlon Bouldin

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    Re: Sampler Drive attached through PCI slot?

    You don't want two fast drives on the same IDE cable.

    I use a PCI IDE133 card, and it works great. The only downside is a few extra seconds of boot time.

    If it's like mine, you will want to install the card without the drives, and hit the "???" key to access the PCI card's BIOS. You can then configure it as needed. (Or not. It may need a drive connected for full configuration.) After you've learned the user interface for the PCI card, then power down, hook up a drive, and boot up. Hit the "???" key as needed and finish the configuration.

    I didn't get burned, but I was really worried about dusting my drive when I installed the card. ("Oops. I didn't know that the ESC key removed all the partitions. Dang!")


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