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Topic: CME UF7 question

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    CME UF7 question

    Some help perhaps from those of you owning this unit, do all the black notes print higher velocities than the whites given the same pressure? We got one in monday, and ran many test. A simple ascending or descending chromatic scale shows consistently that the blacks print hotter midi velocites into any of our sequencers. It is plainly audible as well.

    So we are wondering if it is the design of this unit, or perhaps we got a melon. Our dealer has sent FedEx with call tag for returning the CME, but has no others to ship us now, as they moved out their 8 units as soon as they got there.

    Thanks for the help,
    mgr, Legacy Lab

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    Re: CME UF7 question

    Probably a design fault. I have the UF8, which is fraught with problems. For instance the USB driver is unstable, and my sequencer loses sight of the keyboard once in a while. Velocities are also a problem - the first one I had delivered just wouldn't deliver values of 127, no matter how hard I hit it. Turned out the whole first batch sent to Europe had a faulty chip that caused it.

    There is a support forum here http://www.cme-pro.com/forum/ where you can at least find out if your problem is a common one. It's not a lot of actual help though. I joined in a discussion about the driver problem, which seemed to be a very common one. A wussy moderator had posted, saying they acknowledged that many people were having the problem, but it could be any combination of things in each case - USB cable, software problems, bad RAM. I suggested, given the sheer number of people with the problem on such a variety of systems, that it was time to admit it was a poorly written driver. I was very quickly shot down in flames by the moderator, and told not to suggest anything so unhelpful.

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    Re: CME UF7 question

    Pingu, I bought an UF8 just the other day after testing it for a week and I have still to see any of the problems you describe...

    DLevy, unfortunately I have no comment on your problem as the action on the UF7 is completely different...but the problem sounds fishy...


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    Re: CME UF7 question

    Thanks for the link, and the help folks. ANyone else?

    mgr, Legacy Lab

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    Re: CME UF7 question

    I also have the UF7. I do not have the velocity issue you mentioned on the black keys. I also had a problem with installing the driver initially, but after removing some USB drivers that were unistalled on my system, but still in the registry, it worked fine. I haven't had any problems since. It is the best semi-weighted keyboard controller I've used by far, and it doesn't hurt that it's looks so damn nice too!
    "The biggest risk of all , is never taking a risk"

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    Re: CME UF7 question

    I bought the UF7 a few weeks ago after getting increasingly fed up with not being able to play semiquavers on the same note of my M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 without the note sticking. They didn't mention anything about that in the SOS review! Or the fact that no matter what velocity curve you're on, it hits 127 far too easily. Grrrrrr!

    Anyway, back to the matter in hand. The UF7 is quite superb. I haven't encountered any of the problems you're having so suspect you've got a dud model unfortunately.




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    Re: CME UF7 question

    I also use the UF8, I plugged it in 6 months ago and forgot that I've changed controller. I bought if for the reason of just plugging it in and forgetting about it! No velocity issues, no driver issues! Just what i wanted!

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    Re: CME UF7 question

    I used a UF7 at NAMM for the whole show and didn't notice any issues with velocity from white to black keys. It played quite nicely and I plan on adding this to my home studio.


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    Re: CME UF7 question

    I have used a UF8 and UF7. The 8 had better velocity or more consistent velocity than the 7 in my experience. However, perhaps it's possible that there was a batch of UF7s that were bad....

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    Re: CME UF7 question

    I bought a UF 8 but returned it after a week. I did not notice that the black keys printed higher velocities than the whites given the same pressure, but it was almost impossible to get into the lowest velocities (1-15).

    The USB connection worked just fine on my Mac (OSX Panther).

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