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Topic: GS3 & Rewire to audio

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    GS3 & Rewire to audio

    I'm using Sonar Home Studio 4 w/ GS3 Ensemble
    I can get GS to play in rewire mode but when I try to turn it to audio in HS(bounce to track)I just end up with a blank track. I do the same thing with the Roland VSC & it bounces to an audio track fine.
    Any ideas,


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    Re: GS3 & Rewire to audio

    Try below!

    Edit->Bounce to Track
    The dialog window open
    Go to Source Category and select "Entire Mix"

    Good luck!

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    Re: GS3 & Rewire to audio

    Thanks for the ideas,
    After 2 days what it ended up being was the midi output port. I had it set to Giga output 1/2 control. It played onto the rewire track in real time. You could even see the levels on the track in Sonar it just woud record a blank track when I did the edit/bounce to tracks command. When I set the output to just Giga3 on the midi track it worked fine.
    I'm just glad it was me & not the programs.


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