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Topic: GPO controls AFTER recording?

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    GPO controls AFTER recording?

    Can the volume (via the mod wheel) be added in the mix? At first I'd think yes, just by adjusting the volume, but then I think no, because mod-wheel-volume is specific to GPO (e.g, it not only affects the volume, but the brightness, etc., depending on the instrument). So which of my thoughts is correct, the yes or the no?

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    Re: GPO controls AFTER recording?

    Mod-wheel data can be added to MIDI tracks, not to audio tracks, so once you have exported/bounced your MIDI tracks to audio, adjusting volume can no longer affect timbre.

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    Re: GPO controls AFTER recording?

    Most Sequencer give you the ability to draw in cc changes in a piano roll section. But, as Nickie said as soon as you render or record to a sound file you will loose any chance of getting the different timbres that GPO has to offer.
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    Re: GPO controls AFTER recording?

    Okay, good to know that mod-wheel data can be altered in MIDI. Now, the question is: how?

    I'm using Cakewalk Home Studio. I'm familiar with the piano roll view. But I don't see how I'd add mod-wheel data.

    To let you know where I'm coming from: I can't play everything in real-time that I want to hear, so I want to play it and tweak it in MIDI, just like editing volume, placement, etc.

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    Re: GPO controls AFTER recording?

    In the piano roll, select Controller 1 (and the channel in question), select the Draw tool (D) or Line Tool (L) and draw the CC#1 data.

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    Re: GPO controls AFTER recording?

    You can also use "sound-on-sound" (midi-on-midi) recording (I'm assuming the HS is similar to SONAR PE in this regard) to capture mod wheel movements for an existing midi track. In my experience, it is extraordinarily tedious to hand draw all of the mod wheel activity, except where some tweaking may be necessary.

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    Re: GPO controls AFTER recording?

    Thanks for both of those replies, too. Bill, regarding the "sound-on-sound MIDI" thing, do you have any source you could point to where I could learn about that in some more depth?

    Thanks again, everyone.

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    Re: GPO controls AFTER recording?

    regarding the "sound-on-sound MIDI" thing
    Note: I'm assuming that HS is comparible to SONAR in this regard. Same engine, after all:

    I believe the option to record "sound-on-sound" (midi-on-midi) is located in the "Transport | Record Options..." menu selection. The default is "sound-on-sound", in SONAR anyway.

    With this option on, when you record multiple takes on the same track, new clips are created on the same track. So when you record the wheel alone after recording the "notes", there will be 2 clips in the track, overlapping one another, one containing the notes, the other the wheel data.

    You should be able to hear the effect of the wheel on the previously recorded midi as long as you have "Input Echo" turned on, which you do when you record in any case. You can practice with the wheel on an existing midi track without recording. Then, put it into record mode and record the mod wheel actions.

    I you want to combine the mod and note events into a single clip, select the clips in the track and select the "Edit | Bounce to clips..." menu option.

    Above all, be careful not to accidentally record over material you want to keep, by not having the record options set incorrectly.

    That's it for now. Let me know if you have any more questions....

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    Re: GPO controls AFTER recording?

    Thanks much. I'll try all this out (I think the HS terminology is slightly different, but I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out). One questions springs to mind: if you recorded wheel movements on the first take and then record again, overlapping the first take, what does it do, take the "average" of the two takes' wheel movements? ...I'm a littel confused about that... how can it leave the notes intact, but replace the mod wheel movements?

    Again, thank for the great advice -- the above question will likely get answered as I try it out; you've given me a lot of time-saving instruction.


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    Re: GPO controls AFTER recording?

    Quote Originally Posted by gnargtharst
    if you recorded wheel movements on the first take and then record again, overlapping the first take, what does it do, take the "average" of the two takes' wheel movements?
    Like before, I'm assuming that HS (what version do you have) is comparible to SONAR in this regard.

    With "sound-ON-sound" a new "clip" is recorded each time you record a subsequent pass on a single track. So if you record, say, two takes of the wheel, you will get overlapping and possibly conflicting wheel movement in the two wheel clips.

    Do a "help" on "show layers" (In SONAR it's the "Track | Show Layers" menu selection). This will make all clips in the track visible. If you don't want to keep a wheel take, delete its clip and re-record. If you want to punch in at a certain point and continue recording, "split" the wheel clip at that point and delete the remainder of the clip, then back up before the split, start the transport and record. While you're in record, no CC#1's will be recorded until you move the wheel.

    Do a help on "bounce to clips". When you're done recording the wheel on a track, select the entire track (all clips) and use "Edit | Bounce to clips..." to combine the wheel data and notes into a single clip.

    I recommend that you create a small test project of a few bars and experiment with these techniques until you can do this with ease.

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