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Topic: sonar 5 and finale 2006 what sound card?

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    sonar 5 and finale 2006 what sound card?

    I work with sonar 5 and finale 2006 (+ kontakt2)on pc and I want to buy a good audio card . i want a very good sound (for classic work). Is rme fireface the best solution? or other one ?
    what did you think about that?
    best regards

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    Re: sonar 5 and finale 2006 what sound card?

    I currently have a M-Audio 1010LT sound card that I use with these two programs. I am very happy with the results.
    P4-3.2mHz HT, WinXP Pro, 2 Gigs Ram, M-Audio 1010LT, Finale 2006c, GPO2, GJBB, Edirol PCR-30 Midi Controller

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    Re: sonar 5 and finale 2006 what sound card?

    thanks for your answer, Steve
    Do you have a wdm driver and do you use this driver with sonar?
    Is the sound clear and neutral? different than the ozone sound ? (I've one)
    Is the DSP very efficient? do you use the two softs at the same time?
    congratulations for your website . I'm a teacher too (flute)
    hoping to read you soon
    best regards

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    Re: sonar 5 and finale 2006 what sound card?

    The first step in deciding on your soundcard is to know how many inputs and outputs you need, and if they should be analog or digital. For instance, if you are doing surround, you will want at least five channels of output. If you are recording a drumset live, you will want, say, six channels of input or more.

    Starting at the bottom, the M-Audio Audiophile 2496 is very inexpensive an popular. It has stereo analog in, stereo analog out, S/PDIF (digital) out, and MIDI In/Out. It's great for monitoring, and reasonably acceptable for recording.

    Moving up a step, you can get similar specs, but with balanced analog I/O with the Echo MIA MIDI and the Audiophile 192. Balanced I/O is cleaner, and is very important for longer cable runs.

    One way to get improvement is to get the analog circuits out of the noisy PC. There are a number of firewire-based soundcards out that give various numbers and types of I/O.

    For a top of the line solution, you can get a card with digital I/O and add boutique A/D and D/A converters. That depends more on budget and obsessiveness than merely meeting requirements though...

    All the best...


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    Re: sonar 5 and finale 2006 what sound card?

    thanks JF
    I don't need many connections ( 2 in micro and I connect on a Mackie 1202-VLZ pro). I use two computers: one for finale with a M-audio ozone and the other for Sonar with an aardvark lx6. I would like to be able to work with the two softwares on the same computer but finale doesn't work correctly with the lx6 card. Nevertheless the sound of this card fits me and wouldn't like to find a lesser sound. RME seems to be the best but it's quite expensive. Is there another solution for a good sound and a reasonable budget ?

    Best regards,


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    Re: sonar 5 and finale 2006 what sound card?


    I forgot to ask you about some important topic. Do you have to use a wdm driver if you want to work with the two softwares at the same time ? (wdm for Sonar and asio for finale in order to avoid conflicts.)



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