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Topic: Who do you love?

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    Who do you love?

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    Re: Who do you love?

    Telly Savalas?

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    Re: Who do you love?

    I've been here in Canada for 16 months or so. It's hard to understand what it's like for Canadians, being the northern border to the US. Most of their culture, and a lot of their goods come from the US. They're one or, if not, the biggest importer of US goods. They also contribute a lot to American culture. You'd be amazed at how many Canadian celebrities there are, although they're rarely indentified as Canadians. So the 2 countries really share this special relationship, economically and culturally, yet it's never acknowledged by America, not politically or much in the media altogether.

    It's weird.
    Michael Peter

    If music be the food of love...
    play on

    William Shakespeare


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    Re: Who do you love?

    That's true. Almost no one here knows that Rush, Dan Ackaroyd, John Candy- well, anyone from SCTV, Brain Adams, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Mike Myers, Kids in the Hall, 3/4ths of anyone who's ever been on Saturday Night Live, Ann Murray, April Wine (yes, I'm that old) were from Canada. Because we're all bigoted nationalist dimwits down here. Heck we had NO IDEA that Bob And Doug MacKenzie and that Great White North thing had anything to do with Canada. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out. It's crazy.

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    Re: Who do you love?

    Quote Originally Posted by FredProgGH
    That's true. Almost no one here knows that Rush, Dan Ackaroyd, John Candy...
    Rush Limbaugh is from Canada? He hides it so well!!!!

    ...also I believe Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Leonard Cohen to name a few more. You're so right about the bigoted nationalism...anything good JUST HAS to come from here...bubba!



    Jim Jarnagin - no not THAT Jim Jarnagin, the other one.

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    Re: Who do you love?

    Based on maps shown by weather forecasters, nothing exists above the 49th parallel, or below the Rio Grande.

    I live in Southwest Washington State. Based on the Portland weather forecasts, all of Oregon exists, as does this corner of Washington. Based on Seattle weather forecasts, Washington State has no southwest corner.

    We're so provincial down here!


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