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Topic: ATTACK!!!!

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    Smile ATTACK!!!!

    Any tips on getting more ATTACK out of the GPO SOLO violins? Something closer to an aggressive fiddle sound? The Guaranaiini is a bit more "throaty" than the Strad and the Gagli, but try doing a staccato 16th note d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d melody and it still just sort of legatos together instead of delivering sharp notes. The player eeeeeases into the notes instead of just BAM! hitting the damn things, so the MIDI note is over before the GPO note has even really begun. I need James Hetfield violin, not John Tesh!

    And no, legato isn't turned on. no easy points on this one.

    And yessssss, I've RtFM. there is no "how to get a ballsy celtic fiddle sound" section in that book.


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    Re: ATTACK!!!!

    Since you don't mention velocity :

    Higher velocity = more attack.

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    Re: ATTACK!!!!

    Also, consider making the LENGTH setting of the notes shorter. That would me cc#21, I believe.
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