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Topic: Putting the Cart before the Horse...

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    Putting the Cart before the Horse...

    Hey all, I'm interested in getting into game composing as a hobby--in other words, I'm not interested in scoring big-name clients or even (necessarily) getting paid. I'd like to start a game production company, but I'm kind of approaching it backwards. Here's the deal:

    -I'm a professional musician with degrees in composition, a pretty advanced project studio, lots of sample libraries and talented friends who play multiple instruments. I'm experienced with film composing, sound-design, recording, mixing, etc.
    -My collaborator is an animator who studied at a very major art college. He's very good and has a very unique style.

    If only we had a programmer/developer, we'd have the beginnings of a small production company.

    I realize that we're approaching this a bit backwards, but hey, whatever. Any idea what to look for in a game programmer, and where to find one? Not knowing much about the ins-and-outs of game programming, I don't really know what kind of prerequisites to look for. I'm not looking to make fancy 3D shooters or simulations... The artist does hand-drawn animation, so I imagine we'd be looking at platform and/or puzzle games, or art/immersion type games like MYST. It's just a matter of finding a programmer who can incorporate the artwork and animation into the game...

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Putting the Cart before the Horse...

    I'm in my fourth semester of college, pursuing a degree in computer science with the desire/hope to become a game programmer, as game programming has been one of my hobbies before I even knew who Mozart was. However, being only a college student, I don't truly know the inner workings of the real industry, nor do I have any professional experience, nor do I even have lots of time (studies come first! )... the only lame game I ever finished was in 2003 : http://www.wizardwalk.com/blockheads/

    But... if you're looking for someone with much more experience that could devote more time to a project you could try making posts on some game programming forums such as here: http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/ under "Help Wanted" ... I'm not sure what kind of replies you'd get though...

    Regardless, I'll be interested in your project
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    Re: Putting the Cart before the Horse...

    I won't get into how messed up and difficult it is to start up a game company, but if you're interested in putting together assets with limited logic, you should seriously consider picking up Macromedia Director MX. It is a simplified scripting language and has a lot of helpers so that people with very little programming knowledge can get stuff done. If you started putting all of your assets together in the Director timeline, you could find other users on the Director forums to give you programming pushes along the way to define your logic. If you went this route, you and your friend could do it by yourselves and because the program is so powerful, you could actually make it a pretty complex game, should you decide to make it that way.

    Get this: 14 years ago, there was a game called The Journeyman Project which was MYST, before MYST was MYST. It was released 6 months prior to MYST and gathered a huge following. It was made entirely in Director, as was its sequel, Buried in Time. MYST was actually put together with a hypercard stack, which was even more primative than Director. My point is, you should seriously consider getting into it for your own purposes, as it is a simple tool with a potential to make serious games.
    Good luck!

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