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Topic: Condundrum

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    Unhappy Condundrum

    I had a GS3 DAW working well;

    2.8G S478 P4
    2GB PC3200
    200GB 7200 C: drive
    Pair of Raptors RAID 0
    Gigabyte P4 Titan 875P mobo
    ESI ESP 1010
    Edirol UM-880

    However, as I required ever more instruments, and DSP channels, the CPU clagged out (despite Tascam's words of wisdom on possibilities). So, I thought, I will build a newer, more powerful DAW:

    3.6G L775 P4
    2GB PC4300
    120GB SATA C: Drive
    Pair of raptors RAID 0
    Asus P5WD2 Premium
    ESI ESP 1010
    Edirol UM-880

    However, when GS3 was first installed and started on this new DAW, it would not recognise the UM-880 even though Device Manager said that it was fine. So, I uninstalled the UM-880 and re-installed it. Then GS3 could find it, but then no sounds would come out of the 1010! So, I uninstalled GS3, made sure that the registry was cleaned out, and re-installed. Same outcome as before - the only MIDI device to be found was the 1010 - GS3 could not see the UM-880. So, I disabled the MIDI on the 1010 - same outcome.

    I have now uninstalled and re-installed the UM-880 and GS3 three times. Now, I get message which says that GS3 had problems starting, when it can find the UM-880 and the diags tell me the following: well, I find out that I can't cut and paste to this forum! Basically, once GS3 can recognise the UM-880 it can no longer load ew.sys, or nstation.sys.

    I noticed that on the old DAW, that once I had performed the Intel INF updates that GS3 was having issues with USB devices. Is this the culprit here? Or is it because the 101 is GSIF2.0 and kernel level MIDI can occur and so it doesn't like USB UM-880 MIDI?

    I am very unhappy with this situation, and with the entire GS3 ownership experience and Tascam service (or lack of). While I wait for an answer I am going to rebuild using K2. Already it can find everything without any problems whatsoever. Why? I have never ever owned a piece of s/w which is so problem plagued and expensive as GS3, and where the backup service is so very poor.

    Ian McLean

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    Re: Condundrum

    FWIW i never had a problem on 2 deferent Pc whit Giga, i'm not sure but i think your ''usb'' sound card might be the problem here but don't take my word for it. Worst case scenario you could get a PCI GSIF2 soundcard and try it out, Mia midi from Echo is $130 btw. I know i wouldn't give up on Giga myself but i can anderstand your frustration.

    I'm sure some experience user will come and help you.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Condundrum

    Your ESP 1010 audio output and UM-880 midi input work well in another DAW application?
    If so,how about settings of ESP 1010 console window,when GS3 is starting?
    especially sample rate and MON/HP(monitor)
    Background Service for UM-880 in your system is active?

    I like EGOSYS products and I think they don't support GSIF2,although info appears in the hardware tub of GS Configuration Manager.
    e.g. Prodigy 192-GSIF 1 / GSIF - v2.0
    The problem does not concern kernel midi, I suppose.

    I had built new machine because of the same reason as yours. As I have SC-D70, I was trying to check this device. SC-D70(Roland) is also usb connect audio/midi interface with sound module. I don't usually use this midi input.
    I set SC-D70 MIDI IN to MIDI Port2 of GS3 and played keyboard coneccted to SC-D70. The result is fine.

    Pentium D 2.8GHz
    m/b Gigabyte GA-8I945G Pro
    PC4300 1GBx2
    E-MU 1616m (for rewire GS3)
    EGOSYS Prodigy 192 SP (for standalone GS3)
    Roland SC-D70 (for sound module)
    Drive C IBM IDE 120G 7200rpm
    Drive E/F Hitachi SATA 250Gx2 7200rpm
    Sonar4 PE
    Emulator X1.5

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    Re: Condundrum

    Thanks for the help.

    Kontakt v2 finds both the ESI card (which is GSIF 2.00) and the UM-880 and work without any problems.

    I was using 7 ports into GS3 from the UM-880.


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    Re: Condundrum or MIDI 1 and 2!

    While reading the replies to Santos question , New PC, RME 9632, Gigastudio, MIDI problem. Please help? I found the answer to my conundrum in the document http://www.soundsonics.net/Midisolut.doc referred to by dirk. Althought that may have been in reference to an RME card, the issue with my Edirol UM-880 turned out to be identical.

    Basically, when the UM-880 was installed, it placed its driver in midi. Then when GS3 was installed it just wrote gmidi.dll over it. And, so when I uninstalled and re-installed the UM-880, it, in turn clobbbered the gmidi.dll with it's own driver. The outcome would be that the GUI interface would come up, but no sound. Or no UM-880 (you need to read that document to understand what I'm writing).

    So, I just edited the registry, by inserting gmidi.dll into midi, and placing the UM-880 into midi1. No problems since!

    However, I have to wonder why this never occurred with the original DAW? But, I no longer care, at least everything is working once more.

    As for Tascam technical support, not a word. Disgusting.


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    Re: Condundrum


    In reading through the thread, I _thought_ it sounded similar to the RME problem, and was going to respond that you might check the Registry patch. I am glad you found my reference to the reference and got it fixed.

    There was a previous thread which discussed who was at fault about midi drivers, RME or Giga. This experience (same problem but with a different manufacturer) points to Giga being the common element...

    C'mon Tascam - fantastic underlying product, but with the stability/support issues, you are blowing it!


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