I have purchased several KOMPAKT based sample liraries from East West (Colossus, RA and Stormdrum). I am stuck as to how to change the keyrange of the various instruments I have loaded in one of the 8 available rack positions. For example if I want the piano to play from C2-B3 and the oboe to play from C4-B5 and so on.
I know how to do it in KONTAKT but can't find the option to do so in KOMPAKT.
I do see on the top left display where it shows the current keyrange, but cannot find anywhere to change these settings.
The same for setting layers. Every description I see of these KOMPAKT based instruments says you can layer and set keyranges. HOW DO I DO IT????

Also...Anyone know where to get a manual of KOMPAKT? The instruments only come with a "manual" that lists the instrumenst