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Topic: First song with KHSO

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    First song with KHSO

    OK, it's not great. But it's my first. It was more of a learning experience than a song. Deciding on templates in GS3, working with Midi in Sonar. I just wanted to end it during the last phrase so went out with a flair.

    Dave http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=745236&T=1902

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    Re: First song with KHSO

    Nice composition!

    My first thoughts:

    I think the section strings might be a little heavy... maybe try it with the solo strings instead? I wonder if the chamber strings set would be good for this piece.

    I can't tell for sure but it sounds like the heavy vibrato patches... the NV samples might be worth trying (I found them better for lower dynamic levels). I'm also thinking less release time and more attack on the strings, or maybe sneaking in the spiccatos on the repeated notes.

    Just some ideas, take them with a grain of salt!


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