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Topic: I'm Happy

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    I'm Happy

    Isn't it amazing how quickly our mood can change?! Yesterday I was in the throes of my weekly midlife crisis. Today I am pleased as punch. My piano was in need of tuning, so I tuned it this morning, and it sure is more enjoyable now. The reason I tuned it today was that this evening I had a sneak preview at home of my friends new program, which he will play a few times in the next few weeks. The performance was great, the piano sounded good. After his run through of his program, we listened to the CD that JP had recorded on a Yamaha grand, of 10 of my pieces. He was quite impressed by the music as well as by JP's playing. I was also once again impressed by the pianistic skills of JP and by the wonders of live performance vs computer.

    My friend has determined that when his present concert tour is over, he will seriously tackle some of my works, especially the one that I wrote for him. It was interesting to me that he was the first person to comment on the major influence in all of my work. He was quite right, although it is probably not so immediately apparent, probably surprising to most.

    And I read some nice comments on my compositions.

    So this morning I could barely get off my chair and could not walk without torture, and felt really crappy. Well, tonight, it still requires some serious planning to get off my chair or piano bench, but that's actually okay. I feel pretty good about the day. Now back to play the piano and then to work on some composing!


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    Re: I'm Happy

    Quote Originally Posted by moviemaestro
    I'm really happy that you're happy!!
    I am happy that Stephanie is happy about Richard being happy.
    Now if someone would come take this Rheumatoid arthritis away.

    I feel your pain Richard!

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    Re: I'm Happy

    It's great to hear you smiling, Richard!

    By the way, for us ancient, creaking relics who have the inevitable problems of arthritis (and repayment in pain for the joys of misspent youth... lol) --

    I've had considerable relief from a regular regiment of curcumin. You might give it a try.


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