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Topic: setting DFD for my new PC

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    setting DFD for my new PC

    i have just upgraded my PC and now i mount 2GB RAM on a P4 3Ghz with FSB 800MHz

    the first test were awesome: i loaded 5 full instances of GPO with almost the entire orchestra (excl. percussion) and garritan ambience, and i reached 60% of CPU load

    but, beside this, do you hav some suggesion on how to set up DFD for the best results?
    i'd like NOT load all the sampels in ram (by deactivating DFD), because loading times are very long in this case...


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    Re: setting DFD for my new PC

    I'd recommend not using DFD with GPO as you will gain very little extra memory. You will lose about 1/3 of your polyphony and have a chance of getting odd behavior with some of the instruments. Many issues with GPO have been related to DFD. The only instrument that usually benefits is the piano.


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    Re: setting DFD for my new PC

    Haydn is correct. GPO is designed to work in RAM and many small problems have been traced to users activating DFD instead. Despite the long load times I strongly recommend using RAM only (and you appear to have enough RAM.)


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    Re: setting DFD for my new PC

    Experience leads me to concur with Tom and Jim.

    With the fast bus, healthy CPU speed, and plenty of RAM, I should think all DFD would buy you is problems and lesser performance. (A key point to also keep in mind is that disk access speed is vastly slower than RAM access.)

    I recently upgraded similarly, and even with some very hefty scoring, those spec.s have performed perfectly.


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