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Topic: Ivory 1.5 export in sx3 problem

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    Ivory 1.5 export in sx3 problem


    I've got some problems with exporting projects using ivory 1.5 i cubase sx3. The exported files have strange clicks and dropouts even though during the playback every thing is all rights and the songs are played smoothly. The same ~~~~ happens when I freeze ivory chanel in sx3. The same clicks appear. What's wrong with it/?


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    Re: Ivory 1.5 export in sx3 problem

    It sounds like you need to get the Ivory 1.52 VST update for XP that supports offline bounce. You can get the free update on the Synthogy website:


    You can contact Synthogy support directly for these kinds of issues. They're very responsive: <support@synthogy.com>


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