Hi All,

If you have experience moving audio between the Roland VS2480DVD and your DAW via CD/DVD, please read and see if you can help me out:

I'm in the process of recording an album, and the studio is using the Roland, which has a built in DVD-R/RW drive. Apparently the only functions it can perform using DVD (R or RW) is project backup and project recovery, meaning it stores all the audio data and all settings in some kind of properietary format. It can apparently only write wav files to CD.
Rather than send each song to my place on four CD's (to which we already know it can write in wav format), is there any way I can get raw audio data off the 2480 and into my computer? It is 24 bits, so CD's are just too small.
I just can't fathom why this high-end piece of equipment is unable to fully use a medium as flexible as DVD-RW to its fullest potential.

Any Help?


ps. I know this is the wrong place....but hey....everything seems to go here

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