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Topic: GPO Funk

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    GPO Funk

    Hi people,
    lots of great music and people on this forum.
    I just thought i'd share with you a piece i did for a theme song submission for TV's Hope and Faith (I didn't get the gig . the piano, flute and violin(gagli solo 1) are GPO. the rest is reason samples and guitar. GPO works in all kinds of music. hope you like it:


    PS: you're more than welcome to listen to other songs(non GPO) on my site if you wish. Just click on the little box that says "view artist's profile --go" in the upper right of the window. then click "Active Playlist" on the left. Many different styles here.(orchestral too) I'd love to get some feedback. thanks

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    Re: GPO Funk


    You didn't get the gig?

    Are they NUTS?

    MOLTO FUNKO, Greg!

    This is great!


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    Re: GPO Funk

    Thanks a lot david!
    i'm working on uploading a new piece that i completed for another TV submission. i'll post it once it's ready.

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