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Topic: 3 new short pieces

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    3 new short pieces

    I have just uploaded my 3 latest pieces for you all to enjoy and comment on. Please comment as it will only helpme grow as a composer. These pieces take the tally to 6 and rapidly rising.

    Sonata for Flute and Piano 2

    Piano Sonata 1

    Sonata for Violin and Piano

    Hope you enjoy them as much as I did writing them.


    Dave C

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    Re: 3 new short pieces

    Good work on these, David!

    Flute Sonata

    Some really nice writing in this, and I like the dialogue work between piano and flute... very effective and expertly done. The one suggestion I might make is perhaps to be a bit less aggressive with the piano part. This strikes my ear as more suited to the lesser dynamic ranges, in keeping with its gentler thematic subject materials.

    Piano Sonata

    Ah-hah! A bit more fire! And some very good writing. In this piece, David, I would look more at the dynamics and tempi in the rendering. For instance, this writing (in the first section especially) has inherently dramatic sweeps implied in the lines, that might benefit from more hairpinning and use of accelerandi, ritardandi, etc. Overall, greater use of dynamic contrast and tempi would aid in bringing out the emotional strength of this fine piece.

    Violin Sonata

    A goodly workout in places [~2:20 ffd.] for the violinist! By gar, make 'em sweat when you can, David!


    You're coming a great distance in a short while, David -- and the benefits of what I know is much, much hard work are bringing forth the rewards!

    Details, now, David -- as Gary once said, the devil's in 'em. Don't rush your work... time is one of the fundamental ingredients of which music is made.



    Post Scriptum:

    By the way, I tell practically everyone (including myself, daily)
    to pay more attention to dynamics and tempi... lol.


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    Re: 3 new short pieces

    Hi Dave

    This is my kind of music! I really like the style in which you compose. I'm unashamed to say that I really like new "18th century" sounding music !

    Your pieces are very nice. BTW, I left you a note on your AP page, but I'm afraid the review ended up on the wrong song page (too many windows open at once.... ). It was meant for the Flute piece, but ended on the Piano piece's page.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

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    Re: 3 new short pieces

    Very nice work. I agree with Louis, its good to hear new music written in this style.
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    Re: 3 new short pieces

    Firstly thank you all for your comments.

    Yes David I did write the Violin and Piano piece to make the violinist work. At the time of wrting it was much quicker but had to slow it down thinking that even Maxim Vengerov and Nigel Kennedy may have problems playing it but did leave in that little bit to make things interesting.

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    Re: 3 new short pieces

    The piano piece is currently sat at number 57 in the overal charts on AcidPlanet. Would be great to get it higher, number one would be incredible. So please if your are registered with the website and like the piece please leave a review, and for any other composition for that matter.

    I know its a bit of selfish self promotion but we all need a little boost in life and writing classical music has become something I would love to divulge in further.

    Thanks in advance


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