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Topic: differnce between ivory and akoustic piano

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    differnce between ivory and akoustic piano

    Hi all, I am just a regual piano player, i know that there is not any lib that can 100% emulate a piano and all its nuonces. But i am jsut wondeing how these 2 compare, each one has plus and minus over each so any commetns woudl be great

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    Re: differnce between ivory and akoustic piano

    I don't know that there's a specific difference that you can put into words. Both are great, and it's just a matter of which product comes closest to your vision of how a great piano should sound. I personally prefer Ivory, and think that Akoustik sounds a bit brittle in the high register, but plenty of other folks love it. It all comes down to personal taste.

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    Re: differnce between ivory and akoustic piano

    Do a search here as it's been discussed many times.....you'll be reading for hours and probably be more confused then when you started.

    I second wlahc1's opinion. I've been very happy with Ivory for some time now, but have never played Akoustik.

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    Re: differnce between ivory and akoustic piano

    Hi...I have both Ivory and Akoustik. Both are very well presented with a very nice graphical user interface that allows very good control over a lot of useful parameters (ex. amount of sustain resonance, release samples on/off, key noise adjustment, stereo width, stretch or equal tuning, etc.) and special effects (including EQ and reverb, Ivory also has Chorus). Akoustik can use convolution or "Eco" reverbs but in any case the reverbs are very nice for both.

    I am not sure why both start out with quite low default polyphony values (it could be that both can be quite a strain on the computer and hard drive), but both can increase their max number of voices, with Ivory I believe able to be configured higher than Akoustik. Although this may not be that important, note that while Akoustik can be both a standalone and plug-in, Ivory can only act as a plug-in.

    Both are great values since they include several very different pianos (both have a Bosenderfor and Steinway but Ivory has a Yamaha while Akoustik has a Bechstein and Steingraeber upright). The Bechstein didn't stand out as being too much different from the Steinway to me while the Ivory Yamaha is very different from both the Ivory Bosendorfer and the Ivory Steinway. Now the Steingraeber upright definately did stand out, and it has a very special and pleasant vintage character of its own. You can almost picture yourself in some saloon or ragtime parlor when playing it.

    Akoustik did have a nicer sustain resonance than Ivory's DSP emulation of it. I am not sure if Akoustik is using a convolution effect to create it or it is actual recorded sustain pedal samples. I hope Ivory will address this in its next release like the Galaxy Steinway to some extent did. Also, Akoustik has the potential to benefit from the Kontakt 2 sympathetic resonance script that has been discussed quite a lot already (currently if I am not mistaken I think Akoustik was made with an even newer player version than Kontakt 2 so unlike other pianos for Kontakt, it will not yet open with the full samper to be able to apply these scripts so a Kontakt 2 upgrade is needed first). The sympathetic resonance is quite subtle to me and in making recordings I am not sure personally how much I would use it.

    However, I agree with Journeyman in that I think Akoustik sounds a little brittle to me especially for the high notes, and overall I prefer Ivory because of its superb sound quality and its nice capturing of the sonorous qualities of three very different pianos. The Yamaha is nice and bright to cut through that pop/rock/country/jazz/blues mix. The Bosendorfer is powerful for that piano concerto sound and yet crisp and delicate for that new age sound. And the Steinway is just gorgeous, nicely capturing Steinway's unique dynamic range and rich timbres, all the way from loud and brassy to dark and mellow. And to round things off, the added pads provide a nice little touch for that New Age Piano & Strings sound I love to play around with.

    Also, don't forget about the other piano sample libraries out there like Post who has sampled some fine instruments, Best Service Galaxy Steinway for another pleasant Steinway sound in full surround, and Sampletekk who has a huge amount of velocity layers providing for extremely nice expressivity.

    Hope you find my opinions useful. As has been said before, a lot of this is personal taste so make sure you check out the demos and hear for yourself to see what you would like and find useful. Let your ears be the guide!

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