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Topic: Batch Conversions in GS

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    Batch Conversions in GS

    Hi. How do I do a batch conversion in GigaStudio 3, from stereo to mono on several of my samples? I am trying to conserve my system resources.

    Also is there a better way to do this, should I be using a third-party app to accomplish this? Or can Gigastudio do it?

    I would also like to test each sample to see what is better: summing the L+R, or removing a particular side. Is there any method that is better than those two?

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    Re: Batch Conversions in GS

    I've been doing a lot of this lately and it's very simple. Open the .gig file you wish to work on into Gigastudio Editor. Right-click in the column where the sample folders are listed and select "Wave Pool Convert" from the menu. You will see under "Convert stereo to mono" three options - Combine L+R, Keep left channel and Keep right channel. Note: this command affects all samples in the entire .gig file. If you want different forms of mono from the samples in your .gig file, you'll have to separate them out into another file (just do a "Save As" with another name).

    To decide which mono you prefer, launch Gigastudio and load the instrument you wish to hear. Click the mixing board icon. On the stereo channel that your sound is coming through (probably 1&2) adjust the "Width" knob to "center" to hear L&R summed to mono. To hear left or right by themselves, click the "Link" button at the bottom of the fader to unlink the fader into two mono faders. Pull L & R down alternately to hear the difference.

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    Re: Batch Conversions in GS

    ok that really helps. but from the experience of everyone out there, what is better? Combine L+R, or keeping one? i really have a lot of sample libraries and if it's possible to avoid testing each one i will take the advice of anyone who knows.


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    Re: Batch Conversions in GS

    as i learn more about this my question becomes refined. how can i quickly do this for all my .gig files? can gigastudio do this?

    Does anyone know of a comprehensive guide to converting stereo to mono?

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    Re: Batch Conversions in GS

    oops, i meant to post that under my login.

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    Re: Batch Conversions in GS

    Quote Originally Posted by symptoma
    ...what is better? Combine L+R, or keeping one? .
    There is only one answer: it depends...

    If the original was recorded using a mid-side technique, you can combine the two channels for a perfect, centered mono recording. If the original recording used and X-Y or a spread-mic technique, you may get phasing problems if you combine.

    I'd recommend a single channel approach, given that you will batch everything. As long as you don't destroy your originals, it's a good way to go. If any of your sample libs ends up quieter than before, you can compare it to the original on a case-by-case basis. There's the chance that a given lib was recorded near the right mic, but you did the conversion from the left channel.

    Best of luck!


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