I buy Symphonic orchestra - eastwest.
I work with Logic 5.5 and pc (athlon 3200 + 4Go ram memory + DD 300 Go).
When I use 1 or 3 audio-instruments, all are ok and sounds are very good - thank you !
But when I use 7 / 8 audio-instruments, memory is too short, and when I add a note, a track or other, there is a problem because Logic charge again all sounds and I Lost very very time !! Also I would like use 20 instruments !!
I think than I don't find good settings with Logic (I don't think), Kompakt (with dfd extension installed), or windows ??
Can you help me.
I read operation manuel, but there is not a lot of explication.
I wait you.
Thank you very much and sorry for my english (I am french user's)
H. Duclos