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Topic: Stylus RMX and Ableton Live Problem (Multiple Outputs)

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    Stylus RMX and Ableton Live Problem (Multiple Outputs)

    My current Setup:
    PC Athlon 64 3000+
    Tascam FW-1082
    Ableton Live 5.0.3
    Stylus RMX 1.5.1c

    I've just purchased Ableton Live and have been looking forward to using it with Stylus RMX.

    However, I think I've found a problem. And I'm sorry if this has been mentioned before. (I tried searching and didn't find anything)

    I watched the host specific tutorial video on Live and RMX and followed it to a tee. However, when you split up each of RMX's outputs to their own audio track in Live...I think there is a problem with the "Track Out" option on the first track.

    (Track Out for some reason represents Output A in RMX)

    It seems that no matter what, all of the audio still gets routed to the "Track Out" selected audio track. In fact it does it in the Spectrasonics video as well, it's just hard to notice. (at the very end of the Spectrasonics video, check out the huge level on audio track 1...compared to how relatively soft the part is....compare how the whole multi sounds at 2:32 and at the end at 8:58...everything is being played twice...each on it's own track (I think) as well on Audio Track 1)

    Anyway, I went ahead and made a video to demonstrate. I pretty much did the while exact multi output lesson from the video...even with the same multi. However, I take it a step further and put all of RMX's channels on Output B...and then Output C. Then, there should be NOTHING going to track 1...but yet there still is...(you will see the signal go to Audio Track 2, and then 3)

    Also, in the video...I go ahead an place each RMX channel on it own output to show the difference in the levels on Audio track 2 and RMX's track 2...which is the kick drum...and should be pretty high....it is in RMX...but not in Live. I'm not sure what's happening there.

    Here's the video:
    (it's a webpage with an embedded .swf file that shows the movie. it's about 8MB)

    Sorry, there is no sound...I couldn't get Viewletcam to record my computer's sound.

    I hope I set something up wrong. Can someone try to reproduce this?


    P:S: I thought it might be fixed with the 1.5.1 upgrade, but I just tried it and no dice. Same thing.

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    Re: Stylus RMX and Ableton Live Problem (Multiple Outputs)

    I did another video:


    Here I simply play with the "Track Output" track and show how audio gets routed to it even if every part in RMX is routed to another output.

    Also, say, when everything is routed to OUT B or C in RMX, the audio that gets sent to the "Track Output" audio track in Live is like 'half' of the parts in RMX part 1 and 2. Sounds wierd, but it's the best I can explain it. And it's not even the left + right channels...it's like honestly half of the part. Maybe someone else could better explain it.

    Can anyone replicate this as well?

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    Re: Stylus RMX and Ableton Live Problem (Multiple Outputs)

    One of the most powerful features of RMX is Edit Groups. This allows you to do some very creative processing to specific slices of a groove. One of the things you can do is assign the slices of the edit group to a specific audio output.

    From the mixer page you can control the output of the Main edit group. To control the output assignments of other edit groups, go to the Edit page, click on the grill to expose the edit group controls, select an edit group from the menu, and choose an output for that edit group from the output menu.

    In your example, part 1 had 3 active edit groups. So, while you changed the assignment for the Main edit group, the other two remained assigned to Output A. To change the other 2, use the edit group controls as described above.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Stylus RMX and Ableton Live Problem (Multiple Outputs)

    Wow...this makes perfect sense...and I didn't even THINK about the edit groups.


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