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Topic: Marilyn's Theme

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    Marilyn's Theme

    Here's is a piece I wrote many years ago for my sister's wedding. With GPO and Finale 2006, I was able to realize it in all it's potential. I hope you enjoy it.


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    Re: Marilyn's Theme

    Very nice! Good melody. Too much strings!

    The only suggestion I could make would be to give the fiddle players a rest about half-way through and let the piano play by itself for awhile. This would give a good contrast.

    Welcome to the group and thanks for posting.

    Too much strings!


    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Marilyn's Theme

    Thank you Larry. Yes, you are right, I just fell in love with the string sounds available to me.

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    Re: Marilyn's Theme

    Nice use of strings in this and strong melodic writing. I was also impressed by the solidity of the bass work in this, very strong foundation lines that really carry it along.

    With Larry, I think I might consider something of a break along the way, and letting the piano do some work. Or maybe some pizzicato work?

    Welcome aboard, by the way!

    My best,


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