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Topic: Difference between gigaport and giga3

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    Difference between gigaport and giga3


    I'd like to know what is the exact difference between these two types of midi out in sonar when using gigastudio by rewire.
    I saw that the bounce to track function only works with the giga3 option. But in that case, is it limited to one port ?
    As you can see, I'm a newbie... Thanks.


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    Re: Difference between gigaport and giga3

    Before I start I'll just tell you that I'm a newbie as well (just bought Sonar last week).

    When you insert Giga as a rewire instrument you get Giga3 in your output options. It is unfortunately limited to port 1 (16 channels) but hopefully this changes in future versions. Ok, so far so good.

    Now the GigaOut ports (here I hope somebody chimes in). It is possible to use the ports while working in rewire but things can get complicated with all the additional audio tracks Sonar adds. The GigaOut ports are normally used when working in stand alone mode.

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: Difference between gigaport and giga3

    Thanks. I noticed that giga3 and gigaport tracks were not syncronised. So I must choose.
    I don't know why (using giga3 output) in the piano roll window, there isn't any controller name (like volume, pan...) which I can get with the gigaport.
    So, I find this a little confused.


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    Re: Difference between gigaport and giga3

    I'm experiencing some strange behaviour with Sonar as well. I don't see the piano on the left in the Piano Roll View for example when I'm working in rewire mode.

    The controller options can be found in the PRV above the piano on the left. You have to enter a CC number to add a new controller.


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