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Topic: Gigastudio and sticky notes / skipping notes

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    Gigastudio and stuck notes / skipping notes

    I've been having a major problem with skipping and sticky notes when using Gigastudio. I'm using Gigastudio Ensemble 3.12 via Rewire with Cubase. During playback, it pretty much always skips a note and/or holds a note down for way too long. I never have problems with clipping/stuttering though, it just skips a full note. They seem to get stuck. Most of the time I'll stop playback, look at Gigastudio and a whole bunch of the keys on the bottom keyboard will still be held down and I'll have to click each one to get them to reset. The strange thing is this also happens when I export an audio mixdown of just one soloed instrument. I thought Cubases audio mixdown would be able to handle anything as it would be rendering at it's own leasure, but I guess it still works in real time or something.

    Does anyone know if this is fixable? It's pretty major as I can't make music with it acting up like this.

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    Re: Gigastudio and sticky notes / skipping notes


    I did some more google research and I found out about the glitch with stuck notes occuring when you have a program change in the middle of a track. But according to Tascam, that was supposed to have been fixed a few patches ago, and I'm not using any program changes anyway.

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    Re: Gigastudio and sticky notes / skipping notes

    I have exactly the same problem! also using gigastudio with rewire to cubase. who has the sollution for this?

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    Re: Gigastudio and sticky notes / skipping notes

    Well, I was working with it this weekend and I think I got it to work fine. I have two sound cards hooked up to my computer - my crappy card that came with my computer and my Indigo card. In Cubase I decided to mess around with my ASIO settings and I ended up not even using ASIO. I switched it to my Indigo card instead and now I don't get hanging notes. I think when I had it on ASIO (the default), it was just utilizing my other card, either that or there may have been a conflict with the two cards or something.

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