I'm a bit confused regarding the audio aspects of things.

I'm using Cubase SL, GPO, and a few external synths through my Mackie mixer. ( also patched into a Delta44 sound card)

After creating a midi composition within Cubase, utilizing my synths and GPO, i find i have to convert these tracks to audio files... I have about 7 GPO dry samples loaded, and it's crackling like mad!...

Now, I can understand playing back my external synths' midi track to record onto an audio track, since they're analog signals. but how do i convert the GPO samples to audio?... Since GPO is already a "Sampled " sound, is there a way to convert this to an audio track?

Currently i've performed the same function of Playing back the GPO sample, out through my mixer then back into my system onto an audio Track...

...But my problem is that, while trying to reach a point before clipping, i'm loosing so much strength of my sound when record it as an audio file.

Is this the proper way, or am i missing something?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.