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Topic: Solo, Ensemble, Orchestra?

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    Solo, Ensemble, Orchestra?

    Hello Gigastudio Users,

    I'm into computer recording (Cubase SE and a Music XPC Computer 1.5 Gig Ram, two hard drives 7200 rpm 120GB +160 GB, M-Audio Delta 1010 interface). I'm gearing up to purchase GS3. I'm very impressed with the online mp3 demos. I'm doing a lot of audio recording. Mostly pop, rock, disco, jazzy stuff. I'd like a rocking piano, like Sampletekk's White Grand. I'd also like some rockin strings and mabey a nice horn section. Are the sounds that are included with Gigastudio's Solo package enough to get going? How is the piano? I like the demos of the Old Lady and the Emperor that come with Ensemble. How are the Vienna sounds that come with Orchestra? Could you do a driving disco tune with them or are they more soundtracky (like East/West) or romantic (like Miroslav)? I was initially attracted to MOTU's Symphonic Instrument but the Gigastudio sampler seems to make more sense in terms of sound quality. I can't seem to find a dealer with a running demo version in Toronto. I'd love to try it out. How significant is the Sample Editor that comes with Giga Orchestra? Would I be able to get by with the editors I've got in Cubase? I don't have a lot of money to blow. $200 - $400? Solo goes for $210 Canadian. I've seen good deals on Ebay for Ensemble (American dealers). Any advice ? Input?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Re: Solo, Ensemble, Orchestra?

    I had Solo and I upgraded to Ensemble right away. Solo doesn't come with anything really. Ensemble has a few instruments, but they are pretty bare bones for the most part, though they make it sound like a lot. I guess if the main thing you are looking for are pianos, it's not too bad.

    I must warn you that Gigastudio is extremely finicky. Your system set up you described SHOULD work, but there are no guarantees. If you get Gigastudio and it works fine on your machine, you'll absolutely love it I'm sure, however, if it doesn't, you might find yourself in an insane asylum sometime in the near future.

    Tascam should really have a demo version of Gigastudio available, so you could at least test it to find out if it will work on your system without major debilitating glitches.

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    Re: Solo, Ensemble, Orchestra?

    Thanks Rogles,

    I am a little concerned with these issues. It's strange that these softwares don't have a return policy. If and when I purchase Gigastudio, I hope I get lucky. I'm using Cubase SE at the moment. Love it. Things can get a little hairy when there are several 24 bit tracks with lots of EQ, automation, + Reason rewired. Add certain virtual instruments on top of that and things can grind to a halt. I'm sure I could find a way to fit Gigastudio into the equation but that's if it's even going to work on my system. I have heard that it's a little less buggy than Kontakt II.

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    Re: Solo, Ensemble, Orchestra?

    I recently got GS3 Ensemble & was very disappointed with the library that came with it. Except for the gigapiano & megapiano everything else is just useless demos(advertisements) taking up space on my hard drive.
    I'm still glad I bought it to get started in the sampling world but I wish they hadn't hyped up the 10 gig sample library that came with it.

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