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Topic: Speculation: Will Apple to Switch to Windows?

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    Speculation: Will Apple to Switch to Windows?

    PC Magazine writer John C. Dvorak discusses the idea that Apple may dump OS X and 'switch' to running Windows.

    In a recent column: "The idea that Apple would ditch its own OS for Microsoft Windows came to me from Yakov Epstein, a professor of psychology at Rutgers University, who wrote to me convinced that the process had already begun. I was amused, but after mulling over various coincidences, I'm convinced he may be right. This would be the most phenomenal turnabout in the history of desktop computing."

    Epstein made four observations. The first was that the Apple Switch ad campaign was over, and nobody switched. The second was that the iPod lost its FireWire connector because the PC world was the new target audience. Also, although the iPod was designed to get people to move to the Mac, this didn't happen. And, of course, that Apple had switched to the Intel microprocessor.

    Hmmm... Maybe Mr. Dvorak is on to something? Or on something?

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    Re: Speculation: Will Apple to Switch to Windows?

    I think Mac is well on their way to becoming purely a device company - and are a few years short of getting out of the general personal computing business altogether and simply license their OS for general use. They may still make workstations and servers, but they'll be another Sun or Silicon Graphics - somewhat specialized markets compared to general desktop/laptop computing. Although, with handheld devices and laptop computing on a collision course, no one may notice the transition in the midst of being awed by Moore's Law. Say hello to the new iLap...

    The first thing that the folks at Emagic would do if Apple divested itself of it would be to create a PC version and try to recapture all of that lost marketshare. There's a little "chink" in the armor of Apple's "Switch" campaign that didn't work out as planned... I know it worked for me - I stayed with PC/AMD and switched to Cubase and Nuendo. Who knows, if they ever make a Mac OS that I can put on an AMD box, I might try it.

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    Re: Speculation: Will Apple to Switch to Windows?

    All I can say is I certainly hope not.

    As to the "nobody switched" That is not true. A LOT of people I know switched from PC to Mac. Mostly because of the "i-apps" (several people I know did switch early on because of the iPod). Now, it may not have been a substantial enough number of people who switched, but it DID happen. Apple's overal market share has increased SLIGHTLY, not decreased.

    I cannot imagine a computing world without Mac OS. GENERALLY speaking, Apple's OS's have always been innovative and Windows catches up. Notice I said GENERALLY.

    Where will MS look to for inspiration if Apple gets out of the OS game? Linux perhaps.

    hmmm. that is a depressing article.

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    Re: Speculation: Will Apple to Switch to Windows?

    John Dvorak's record of prediction is absolutely sterling -- he's wrong about half the time, which is twice the success rate of most other industry pundits.

    There've been quite a number of inferences in the tea leaves and chicken entrails that basically what Houston said -- that Apple will soon become predominantly a device [and design and probably media] outfit -- is true.

    It wouldn't surprise me to see OS X abandoned in the process. The economics of continuing to develop and maintain a world-class operating system are, simply, beyond the financial means of any but corporate mega-lifters like Microsoft.

    But in the end, if they do abandon OS X, the result would very likely be ... this ... and it won't be a Ballmer-esque metaphor.


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    Re: Speculation: Will Apple to Switch to Windows?

    The OS is the main thing Apple has going for them. If they were smart they would do the exact opposite and write a new OS for PC from the ground up and compete with MS. I'd buy it. (Yeah, I remember OS/2. That was IBM's fault!)

    As for Win on a Mac, I can't imagine any self respecting Mac user running it, even if hell was freezing over *lol*

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    That could be a great benefit for my economy. I will in that case never buy a new computer more in my life. Or..... if they do the opposite, makes Pc:s with OSX, I can start saving money for a new one.


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    Re: Speculation: Will Apple to Switch to Windows?

    A lot of people I know who switched to Mac's from PC did it because of the OS. I could see many enfuriated Mac users marching on Apple's headquarters, hanging all of Apple's execs and burning the place to the ground (I would be one of them). If they stopped making their OS, then there would be little point to continue making computers as there would be no point in buying a Mac at their current prices if it's just another Windows box...

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    Re: Speculation: Will Apple to Switch to Windows?

    Say it ain't so, Joe...

    (American reference, 1919)

    R. Pearl

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    Re: Speculation: Will Apple to Switch to Windows?

    If this is even halfway true, it certainly strengthens the case for taking Linux more seriously as a potential audio platform.


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    Thumbs down Re: Speculation: Will Apple to Switch to Windows?

    Experts consider the strengt of Apple the joined force of good software on good hardware = excellent device.

    If not joined they are only good, not excellent, then low price strategy win.
    But with low prices you don't make money for developing excellence...

    The only-software strategy failed, as should fail the only-hardware.

    my humble opinion ...

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