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Topic: Volume control drop-out

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    Volume control drop-out

    I'm a newbie and that topic title is my attempt to describe my problem. When I'm playing a string section in GPO and I change the volume via the mod wheel, I can hear the sound "dropping out" (?) a little -- kind of a scratchy, static-y, freckles-of-silence effect (if that doesn't describe it, then I don't know what will).

    My first theory is I don't have enough RAM? Any other suggestions?

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    Re: Volume control drop-out

    A warm welcome to the forum, gnargtharst!

    It would be helpful to know your operating system and system specifications.

    Freckles of silence? Very poetic, even if troublesome... lol.


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    Re: Volume control drop-out

    Other possibilities: latency, sample rate, buffers,sound card drivers.

    Looks like David has added something while I was typing.


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    Re: Volume control drop-out

    Windows XP
    1.83 GHz Athlon processor
    512 MB RAM
    Sound Blaster something-or-other soundcard

    ...does any of this suggest anything? I'm quite Amish when it comes to computers, so maybe you need other info to diagnose my problem?

    Again, the drop out is only when I'm using the mod-wheel volume control, and it seems more pronounced on the string section sounds. If I move the mod wheel real slow, it's not as bad. At faster speeds, it's like I can hear the different volume increments switching clumsily from one level to another. That's why I wonder if it's my RAM -- like it can't crunch numbers fast enough to change smoothly.

    ...I know it can be done, though, because all the demos I heard had volume changes without that same problem.

    Thanks in advance to any suggestions.

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    Re: Volume control drop-out

    If it's upon mod wheel, I'd say it's almost assuredly CPU. This means that you'll have to raise your latency on the soundcard in the host.

    Also, make sure you're using WDM or ASIO drivers for the audio card if at all possible. I think SB cards can use the 'asio4all' set, but someone will have to confirm.

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