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Topic: CB Radio sound?

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    CB Radio sound?

    Anyone know any good (free?) vsts to turn my recorded voice into something that sounds like its coming over a CB or a Radio? If not a vst, any techniques?


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    Re: CB Radio sound?

    Hi Paul, do a search on Digital Fish Phones plugins, they're free and really excellent quality.

    There's one in there (think its the compressor) that adds a saturation/distortion effect. If you use that in conjunction with some subtractive EQ, you should get the sound you want. (Just roll off the high and lows, leaving the honky midrange present.)


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    Re: CB Radio sound?

    If you have Cubase you should check out Quadrafuzz, the included distortion module in Cubase. It's actually a 4-band distortion plug-in so you could fiddle around and get a nice low-fi cb radio sound.
    Michael Peter

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    Re: CB Radio sound?

    A customer asked me that a year ago, I tried quite a few plugins and none were convincing enough for me so I ended up using a real CB and recorded it's output with a condenser. Nothing beats the real thing

    Eric E. Hache

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    Re: CB Radio sound?

    one can still buy CB radios?
    probably not in nyc.

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    Re: CB Radio sound?

    Anything works, baby monitors, FRS etc

    Eric E. Hache

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