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Topic: OT: A fun video "A Cello Rondo"

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    OT: A fun video "A Cello Rondo"


    This was posted over at the Sonar forum, and I thought y'all would enjoy it. 37 different cello parts. The music is beautiful and the video is a lot of fun. Enjoy!
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    Re: OT: A fun video "A Cello Rondo"

    Wow... that was really cool! The music sounded great. Must've taken forever to make that! Awesome stuff!
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    Re: OT: A fun video "A Cello Rondo"


    A fantastic media presentation and kudos to Ethan Winer for such a magnificent performance. Actually, being a videographer plus a musician, I thought the video was every bit as good as the cello performance.

    Awesome creativity in this video.

    Thans for bringing this to us, Shazbot

    Jack Cannon

    P.S. Beat ya, David.........LOL
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    Re: OT: A fun video "A Cello Rondo"

    Brilliant! I love this guy!

    Although I'm not sure about the title. The tempo seemed pretty constant to me

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    Re: OT: A fun video "A Cello Rondo"

    THAT was spectacular. Amazing. It makes me realize how so many different sounds can come from a single insrument. And, with his technique, it made me realize how far away from virtuosity I truly am at my own instruments. (piano - guitar - strings)

    (time to go practice. )

    Nothing like a little kick in the pants to get motivated.

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    Thumbs up Re: OT: A fun video "A Cello Rondo"

    HE'S AN ARTIST. full stop.


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    Re: OT: A fun video "A Cello Rondo"

    Beatiful. One cello is wonderful, 37 is paradise It almost makes me want to dig my old cello out of the mothballs

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    Re: OT: A fun video "A Cello Rondo"

    A beautiful, fantastic reminder in two capacities:

    1) We're just fooling ourselves that our virtual instruments can capture the expression capable in real instruments. (But if we recognize this fact, we're for the better, not worse: perspective is a powerful tool.)

    2) Conversely, real instruments can realise even more expressive potential when combined with the power of technology.


    - m
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    Re: OT: A fun video "A Cello Rondo"

    What can I say? I am Floored. !!!!!!!!!!!!


    (The Nut )


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    Re: OT: A fun video "A Cello Rondo"

    All I have to say... Awesome.

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