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Topic: portamento question (Finale 2006)

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    portamento question (Finale 2006)

    I keep seeing references to portamento as a possible effect using GPO, and am wondering if there is any way to use it within Finale.
    I create my scores within Finale, and prefer to work entirely within Finale (so please, no "oh you should switch to X-program for sequencing" responses).

    If portamento CAN be used within Finale, is there some sort of notation that HumanPlayback will recognize that I need to use? or does this information need to be added in some other way?

    I'm thinking in particular of being able to add a bit of "sweep" to some string parts.

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    Re: portamento question (Finale 2006)

    Yes, use the TAB slide tool (Smart Shape tool right above the "?" tool)

    EDIT: And then again no, the notation instrument pitch bend seems to be different/wrong programmed. It does not span an octave like it does in GPO Finale Edition. Another quirk, that hopefully gets corrected soon.

    EDIT EDIT: Instead of the TAB slide tool, you can create a Portamento On expression, with Playback Type: Controller 20 Set to 30+/- and a Portamento Off expression, with Controller 20 set to 0. This does actually yield a more subtle and realistic effect.

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