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Topic: OT: After the music?

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    Talking OT: After the music?

    We had a blast with the OT threads Your Better Half and The Studio.

    Here's another.


    Besides music, what is an important part of you life? What is your favorite thing to do or hobby?


    For me: It has to be my horse... even after he threw me 20 feet into the air

    Long story and I'm OK! Well, physically anyway. LOL

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    Re: OT: After the music?

    And the pain killers?

    I'm an avid board gamer

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    Talking Re: OT: After the music?

    Yes - pain killers are my best friend

    Nice collection!!
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: OT: After the music?

    Well yes - although niether images are from my collection. Although I own both games and many more.

    Love it

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    Re: OT: After the music?

    Is game 2 WWII game? It looks very cool!
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    Talking Re: OT: After the music?

    Hey I love strategy games as well. I used to play a lot to Role Playing Games, but I don't have much time now.
    I will try to scan some photos of a Role Game in live we played some years ago based in the 20 decade. But you have to promise that you won't laugh!
    Eduardo Tarilonte |Sample Library Developer
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    Talking Re: OT: After the music?

    After the music?...hmmmm...what about....

    S E X ?

    Just kidding....(or not?) ...anyway, also food, wine, beer, and...hmmmm

    S E X!

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    Re: OT: After the music?

    Woow that's nice Christian. I played a lot table-top RPG/wargames too when I was still in music college. It was so much that my composition teacher actually asked me to stop since I started slacking in homeworks. He said playing games won't make you any money blah blah blah....

    Incidentally, the first job ever I got after finishing college was writing for a promotional trailer of a computer game!

    Due to space (literally) restriction I turned cyber and play MMORPG now!

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    Re: OT: After the music?

    Great thread idea.

    My continuous attempts to damage my.. uh, everything:


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    Thumbs up Re: OT: After the music?


    Now they are very good in PC, but the fashinating little models of 3d wargames are still the best!

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