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Topic: Jarrett's Radiance

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    Jarrett's Radiance

    I heard a cut from Radiance, released last year, and got to wondering: is sheet music available that attempts however crudely to render Jarrett improv in piano notation?


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    Re: Jarrett's Radiance

    The Koln Concert (1975) is available from Schott:
    Title: Keith Jarrett -- The Köln Concert - for piano
    Publisher: Schott
    Publisher's number: SJ 150
    ISBN: ISBN4-89066-150-6
    C3073 P2500E
    If you google Jarrett transcriptions you´ll find some other stuff.(I don´t know about the legal aspects of those.)

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    Re: Jarrett's Radiance

    Thanks. "Transcriptions" makes more sense than what I was Googling: "sheet music"!


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